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Upper arm pain may be a sign of wear and tear, postural problems, an injury or even an underlying medical condition. Common Causes of Upper Arm Pain The most common causes of upper arm pain are: Rotator Cuff Tears Impingement Syndrome Frozen Shoulder Tendonitis Fractures.

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  • MS neck back shoulder arm pain burning Throbbing sensation in right arm , hand and lip Right Hand Ring Finger Burning Sunsation Diagnosed with lung cancer - now I have burning in chest and right shoulder after chemo Tingling sensation in left hand, left arm, left leg Crushing pain in upper right chest and right arm.

    Pain in right arm

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    3. Use Hot Compress. Just like cold compresses, hot compresses can help treat arm pain. However, for the hot compress to be effective, only use it after 48 hours from when the injury occurred or the pain began. Heat increases the blood flow to the area, which in turn decreases the stiffness and pain.